Setting Up Your Phone to Play Bingo

Just about anyone can play bingo on their phone nowadays. So long as your phone is a fairly modern one, it's sure to be ready to access the exciting world of Mobile Bingo.

Some Technical Stuff

Java - Mobile Bingo games are made in a language called Java and your phone will need to support it. You'll struggle to find a phone that doesn't have built in support for it.

Mobile Internet ready - Your phone needs to be able to connect to the internet so that it can pass information to the Bingo headquarters. If your phone is less than a few years old it'll be internet-ready.

Phone credit - To access the internet you will need airtime credit. Internet connection charges have fallen significantly over the last year, so you won't need much for many games of Bingo.

Unless you're very unlucky, you won't need to upgrade your phone or change any settings to meet these requirements: your phone will be ready for all Bingo software out there.

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