Can A Call Lose My Mobile Bingo Game?

It's really great that in 2008 we can start doing things on our mobile phones that are actually fun. Mobile Bingo is one of those things but what if you get a phone call in the middle of a game?

All Is Not Lost

The nightmare situation is that you have just bought lots of mobile bingo cards and you are watching closely for your numbers to come up. You are doing pretty well and need just one more number before you hit the jackpot!

But then your phone starts vibrating, ringing and flashing because somebody is calling you. You've lost the game and everything is gone, you'll never know if you hit the jackpot?

This is not true. The technology behind mobile bingo will remember the point you got cut off and if you rejoin the game you can carry on where you left off.

As a precaution however, we would always suggest diverting your calls to you answer phone while playing Mobile Bingo for long periods.

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