Should We Worry About Mobile Spyware?

Staying safe online is easy of you know what to look out for and how to stay protected. With new mobile services like Mobile Bingo growing in popularity, are you aware of mobile spyware and mobile malware?

Mobile Spyware & Mobile Malware

If you're new to the world of mobile phones and internet then you might find yourself overhearing people talk about virus protection for your mobile phone. You ask yourself, can I really get a virus on my mobile? Well unfortunately the answer is yes.

With the advance in technology of internet access to mobile phones and PDA's came the inevitable attacks via the web. Many mobile phones run the same types of applications as your computer does. In addition they use multiple wireless connections. In this way viruses can spread over a phone network, much like they do through e-mail with traditional PC internet use.

One common type of attack you'll find for mobile devices is called a Mobile Trojan. This type of virus is usually downloaded or received through a message. Once it's seated into your phone or PDA it can spread to other contacts in your network and it can even send you SMS messages that cost you a lot of money. Today it's wise to be just as careful what you download or receive over the phone as it is on your computer.

Other types of malware will do more irritating things such as drain your mobile phone battery or send repeated messages that are just annoying. While none of these will do any real damage to the phone itself you still don't want the hassle of trying to get rid of them. Here are some tips about how you can prevent getting viruses or malware on your phone in the first place:

1. Do not download unknown or pirated programs and applications to your phone.
2. Do not accept blue tooth messages from people you don't know.
3. Learn about different types of viruses and malware. Keep up to date on what to watch for.
4. Check into anti-virus and malware protection for your mobile device.

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