Mobile Internet: The New Information Superhighway?

The Internet is already feeling abit old! With new 3G technology and rising computer processing power, the mobile internet could well be The New Information Superhighway. The latest mobile craze is Mobile Bingo.

Mobile Internet

Since 1991 and the first official web site that taught users how to use the web, own a browser and set up a web server, technology and the internet have come light years. Line based internet was of course just the first step. Today technology is allowing us to access this information in new and amazing ways. One of which is through mobile devices. How many times have you seen your friends checking e-mail or surfing the web on their mobile phone?

What does this mean though? Is it just going to stop there or is the future of mobile internet going to be bigger than we think? When vehicle and road technology has advanced so far that every car is driven down interstates by auto pilot technology, will our vehicles have built in computer systems that allow us web access while we enjoy the ride to work, or the family reunion?

Believe it or not some of this technology has been implemented. Mobile phones and other mobile devices were the first big step in taking the power of the internet with you wherever you go. Rest assured that in the future you can expect to see amazing new mobile technology with internet speeds that will equal or surpass current broadband capabilities. Technology in this age is leaping forward miles at a time. You can buy a mobile phone or computer now and one year later the technology is old and you could actually benefit from an upgrade.

It's exciting to think about what tomorrow will bring us in the way of mobile devices and the use of the internet. The power to travel, communicate with family and business associates combined with the ability to log onto the internet at broadband speeds while you lay on the beach and tan. This technology and access is coming our way and beyond that, who knows what else?

So get on the new information superhighway and start playing Mobile Bingo on your mobile phone.

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