3 Mobile Bingo Tips

Foxy Mobile Bingo is a fun and exciting game, follow our simple tips to get the most from mobile bingo.

Our Mobile Bingo Tips

Golden Tip One: Play A Select Number of Cards.
Many of the Mobile Bingo games will require you to manually mark off the numbers are on your Bingo Cards as they are called. It is for this reason that it does not make much sense to play more than four different Bingo Cards at one time. This is because it is then easy to lose track of your numbers.

Golden Tip Two: The Less Players, The Greater Chance of Winning.
Every Mobile Bingo game will have at least one winner; it is a great idea to play the game when there are less players are around. This is because you will stand a greater chance of winning the game when there is less people competing for the jackpot.

Generally Mondays and Tuesdays can be a good time to play Mobile Bingo games, because winning on a Friday or Saturday night is extremely difficult due to the large number of mobile bingo players.

Golden Tip Three: Being Polite and Friendly is Important.
Mobile Bingo is not just about winning or counting your winnings. It is about interacting with the other players and meeting new people. Bingo is a social game played through your mobile and therefore is very important to be nice and polite to the other players.

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