Is Mobile Bingo Just For Girls

You might think the extreme level of pink used on means all Mobile Bingo players are girls, well that might not be the case.

Is Mobile Bingo Just For Girls

Modern bingo is often seen as a game dominated by women. Is there any truth to the stereotype? Is the new mobile bingo a game for girls' night in only?

Traditionally, bingo was played in a public area in groups. This made it not just a way to earn money, but also a social occasion. Although men were regulars at these events, like many group activities, they were dominated by women.

In 2008 Mobile Bingo is the latest method of playing bingo. Although not a game solely for women, mobile bingo remains a popular game among them. Studies show that young women are the main players of mobile bingo. One key reason for this may be the allure of networking, which offers many of the benefits of in-person friendships without the pressure and commitment of time.

Another reason is the easy money available to those who master the game. However, the cash jackpots and promotions that bring young women to the game are attractive to men too. The studies showed that men make up a larger percentage of bingo players than was previously thought. The thrill of playing a competitive game and the chance of winning large sums of money are universal appeals.

As more men join the Mobile Bingo scene, the flavour of the game and behind-the-scenes chat improves. This makes for a better experience for everyone, men and women alike. This game is best when played by a diverse group of people. So, is bingo just for girls? Absolutely not!

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