Mobile Bingo Etiquette

While playing Foxy Mobile Bingo you must remember a few simple rules of etiquette to keep the experience enjoyable for all.

Mobile Bingo Etiquette

Why is etiquette important in Mobile Bingo? Because the game can be ruined without it! By observing a few rules and being considerate of your fellow players, mobile bingo can be fun for everyone, winners and losers alike.

The most important rule is to remember that there are real people with real emotions behind the anonymous screen names and avatars. Treat people with the same courtesy you would extend to them in person.

Another rule is to use only the most polite and appropriate language. Because text is the only method of communication, it's easy to accidentally upset someone. As such, make sure you carefully phrase your comments so they cannot be misread. Swearing, insults, and politically incorrect statements are always inappropriate in mobile bingo games.

Never forget to show everyday, common courtesies. Greet new players and welcome them to the game. Say 'please' and 'thank you'. Avoid gossiping about other players - as with real life gossip, they are sure to find out. Try not to brag about your wins, and congratulate other winners.

Last, stay on topic. Talking excessively about matters outside the mobile bingo game can be distracting and annoying for other players. Just as you would never ask a stranger for money and gifts, do not ask them for anything in a mobile bingo chat room.

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