Mobile Bingo Chatroom Slang

Online chat rooms and instant messaging have created their own language all together. And that language can actually be difficult to understand if one doesn't know the proper terminology.

You'll come across this lingo in Mobile Bingo chat rooms too.

Hello PPL

"OMG! i no ur busy atm but i want u 2 c this"

It's an Internet version of shorthand, basically. Many people type only in lowercase and abandon the use of punctuation. Words are often spelled phonetically and use single letters or numbers that sound the same as the words they're depicting, such as "c" for "see" and "2" for "to".

Common Internet slang terms that everyone should be aware of include: lol, rofl, brb, bbs, bbl, atm, omg, ftw, wtg, imo, and imho.

To express laughter, one would use either "lol" or "rofl".

lol = laughing out loud
rofl = rolling on floor laughing

If someone is going to be away from their computer for a period of time but they know they're coming back they would use either "brb", "bbs", or "bbl".

brb = be right back
bbs = be back soon
bbl = be back later

The rest of the terms are mostly miscellaneous, but they're commonly used:

omg = Oh my God
atm = at the moment
ftw = for the win
wtg = way to go
imo = in my opinion
imho = in my humble opinion

There are many other uses of mobile chat room slang, but these are some of the most commonly used. Plus, just like any other application of language, while it may seem a little daunting to have to memorize so much at first, all it takes is a little repetition before it becomes second nature.

So if you hit the jackpot in a game of mobile bingo, say something like "lol rofl g2g!!!".

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