Is Wap Dead?

A few years ago WAP was the latest mobile technology to get excited about -- since then it has slowly faded away. If you want to play Mobile Bingo on your phone you don't need WAP, just put in your mobile number here.

Bye Bye Wap

Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is an open standard for delivering data to mobile phones and wireless terminals. It was originally created as part of an initiative by a group of companies that included Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Unwired Planet as a way to display web content on mobile phones with graphically limited displays.

As mobile phones have grown more capable of displaying higher resolution graphics and moving images, the simple capabilities of the original WAP design are falling short of what will be needed as the technology evolves. New and better technology has created better games like Foxy Mobile Bingo.

Although WAP was expected to lead to a flood of content designed to be accessed by mobile phone users, the restrictions imposed by most carriers in the European and US markets made it difficult for users to access little more than the pre-made portals that the mobile phone companies themselves carefully controlled. This reduced the incentive for developers to create custom content as the barriers to entry in contracting with the mobile phone companies to produce such content were decidedly high.

Another issue that prevented the widespread embrace of WAP by developers were the limitations of the Wireless Markup Language (WML). As part of the Wireless Application Environment (WAE), WML is a pared down version of HTML that does not offer as many coding options as its parent language and therefore limits the type of content that can be produced. The interoperability of this code was also an issue, as many times the code could not be customized on the fly to display or work properly on different mobile phones and devices.

Although WAP fulfilled the early promise of delivering simple web content to mobile phones, the ability of those devices to access the Internet directly is quickly rendering WAP obsolete.

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