Bingo, The Early Years

Foxy Mobile Bingo might be all the rage in 2008 but when did the Worlds love affair with Bingo begin?

The History Of Bingo

The game bingo used to be named "Beano." This is because instead of playing with little chips, the players would place beans on their number cards. Whoever the caller was selected the numbered discs from the cigar box. The bingo player would then place a bean on their card. Players would then yell "Beano!" if they won. Bingo has long a history that takes us back to the late 1530s. The game has Italian, French, German, and American roots. Although it will mainly speak about our American roots of the bingo game, it is interesting to know that people in Germany would use the bingo game to teach children maths, spelling and history.

In America the New York salesman Ewin S. Lowe renamed "Beano" to the name "Bingo" when he heard someone yell the word "Bingo" instead of the word "Beano." Lowe preceded to improve the game of bingo by hiring Carl Leffler, a Colombian University math professor, to increase the combination of numbers in Bingo cards. Leffler invented over 6000 different bingo cards by 1930. it is said that he went insane from doing this.

The game became very popular when a Catholic priest decided to use Bingo as a way to raise funds for the church. As a result tens of thousands of Bingo games were played a week by 1934.

In the present day it is estimated that hundreds of millions of pounds is spent on bingo every single week around the globe. Bingo is a gambling game that is socially entertaining with deep historical roots, Mobile Bingo is just a new chapter in this long story.

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