Google Android

Android is a new mobile operating system released by Google that will first appear on the new G1 Phone. It should make running applications like Mobile Bingo as easy as using a PC.

Hello Android

The new T-Mobile G1 Phone, being dubbed the "Google Phone" is set to shake up the competition when it is released on October 22 in the US. Though it is not as sleek looking or compact as some of its counterparts, one will quickly see that the bulkiness is not wasted at all.

Featuring a large touch screen, trackball and full QWERTY keyboard, the T-Mobile G1 is much more than just an ordinary phone.

Combing Google Android, the new operating system developed by Google, with a 400 mhz Qualcomm processor make the T-Mobile G1 both lightning fast and reliable. Furthermore, because Google Android is an open source application, you can bet it will be updated, upgraded and expanded on in the future.

Android's interface has been designed with ease of use in mind. It comes included with a variety of applications, with several ways to access and use each one, and the operating system even includes a virtual keyboard for dialing right on the G1's touch screen.

Voice dialing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth headset compatibility are also built in; features that are crucial for the cell phone user on-the-go in the technology age. According to T-Mobile, the G1 will be capability of 5 hours talk time and 130 hours on standby.

Google Android will make Mobile Bingo even more accessible than online bingo.

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