How to Play Gone Bingo Mobile

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How to Play Gone Bingo Mobile:

Gone Bingo is really very simple to play. Everything is as clear as possible, once you've registered you will be taken to the main lobby:

On this screen you can manage your account using the Deposit, Withdrawal and Promotions options. Scroll down to see the full selection of mobile casino games - select Bingo to continue.

Now we can see the actual Bingo lobby - this is where you choose between the different GoneBingo rooms. Select "Two Pence Room":

This screen shows that the next game starts in 1min 40seconds, you can take this time to buy bingo cards. You can either click on each card to select your own or use the slider to buy cards.

Now the game has started and you can see the numbers being called in the top left. Your cards are auto-daubed and the best cards are moved to the front.

Don't forget Gone Bingo Mobile includes over 20 mobile casino games to play as well as Bingo.

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