Introducing the T-Mobile G1 Phone

The latest generation of mobile handsets or SmartPhones are almost as powerful as our laptops and home PCs. Playing Mobile Bingo on the new T-Mobile G1 Phone is as easy as 1-2-3.

The Google Phone

In the technology world today, the big deal is phones--the kind of phone that can do anything short of flying you to the moon. And the big deal in the phone world is the upcoming Google phone, otherwise known as the G1, with its trademark operating platform, Android.

First off, realize that the G1 is going to place some stiff competition in the face of Apple's recent iPhone. Knowing that informs you what the G1 is like--a complete phone stuffed with any feature you could possibly dream of. But, obviously, as a competitor, the G1 is going to try to deliver more.

Because its innards are running on 3G data, it's a speedy little device. That helps with memory intensive apps like YouTube, maps, and playing Mobile Bingo. It's also a Wi-Fi device, thankfully, meaning easy and quick connection in wireless hotspots.

The G1 has a whole set of input methods--touch screen, keypad, and track ball--which means that it has a method that should please any consumer. Some other features spruce up the device--like a built-in compass (meaning that your map moves with you, even the direction you face), a sweet camera, a super long battery life, and a really competitive pricing.

The newsworthy feature of the G1 is its operating system. It is the first ever Android phone, meaning that the operating system is free and open. Thus consumers (i.e., you) can create, customise and develop the operating system at will. Create programs, add applications, modify the look and feel, and it's all open and free. This is probably something that's going to be quite catchy--putting the G1 in a good position as far as mobile devices go.

The G1 Phone is the ideal phone for playing Mobile Bingo games.

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