The Mobile Phone Of The Future

Mobile phone technology has a very long way to advance over the next few years. The quality of Mobile Bingo games will only get better and better.

Future Of Mobiles

Mobile phones have come quite a long way in the last ten years. Many phones now have touch-screen capability and the iPhone no longer stands alone as a mobile media platform. Users can watch live television on their handsets. Mobile phones can act as digital organizers, address books, internet browsers, and mobile television. What will we see in the mobile phones of the next decade?

With the wide proliferation of GPS capability in phones, position-based features gain new potential. Students at MIT created several viable possibilities. Most projects included some application of GPS tracking, providing interesting features that would, otherwise, prove impossible. For example, a user can program the phone to automatically switch to vibrate or silence when entering an office or theater, or beep a reminder while passing a supermarket.

Mobile phones may become a short range transmitter for making wireless purchases with debit or credit card data. Japan already employs this technology widely and other countries have begun testing. This same technology will allow mobile phones to transfer other data wirelessly, such as pictures and movies, back and forth between computers and other phones.

Some manufacturers have gaming applications in mind. A new Nvidia graphics processor, designed specifically for mobile devices, enables 3-D gaming on mobile phones. One model in development has an extendable joystick; another acts like a Wii controller.

Google's new mobile operating system, Android, could revolutionise the industry. Android's versatility could create an unprecedented level of compatibility. Third-party software development could create an immense market of phone apps. Phones may become more like PC Desktops, eventually requiring internal memory to handle the applications. Modern mobile phones are a mere step away from becoming true miniature computers.

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