Train Your Brain With Mobile Bingo

Exercising your body can be a pain in the neck but training your brain is an easy as playing a game of Mobile Bingo! Sounds too good to be true but the evidence proves it!

Mobile Bingo Keeps You Sharp

Everyone knows that frustrating and helpless feeling when you walk into the kitchen to get... to get. It is common knowledge that as we grow older those moments of forgetfulness become more and more frequent.

What if we could decrees those senior moments by simply playing a fun and sometimes profitable game? A recent study shows that it is actually possible to keep the mind sharp by playing Bingo. You heard it right; playing Bingo can keep the mind sharp and alert. Not to mention you may just win a couple of bucks while you're at it.

John C. Thorenssen tells us in his article "Bingo - Good for the Mind?", the University of Southampton's Psychology Department did a study on people ages 18 to 40 and 60 to 82 that played Bingo. They found that this is no trivial pastime. Those who participated in the study and played Bingo did better on tests that measured memory, mental speed, and the ability to absorb information from the environment around them.

With this knowledge in hand we should all take a look at playing a little mobile Bingo. Why on your mobile? The benefits are endless. Of course, there is the mind strengthening benefit, not to mention these brain strengthening exercises can be done in your pyjamas while eating ice cream. And, how else can you travel all over the world to play Bingo without paying for airfare? And just imagine, you never have to listen to the sound of the man behind you who keeps smacking his gum.

So grab your mobile and download a game of Mobile Bingo. Before you know it you'll be winning some extra cash and remembering where you put it!

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