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When playing Mobile Bingo it's good to know the Bingo Lingo that you might hear people say in the chat rooms. Don't be left out of the loop, use our Bingo Dictionary to get your head around the Mobile Bingo chat.

The Bingo Lingo

Admission Packet - This is the packet you are required to purchase in lieu of an admission. The packets may vary from place to place but generally the packet will include five regular bingo cards and special game cards.

After Game - This is simply a special game played once the regular session is over.

Ball Gate - Most bingo parlours have a cage that the balls are rolled around in. The ball gate is the flap in the cage that opens to allow a specific ball out.

Ball Lifter - A mechanical device that is part of the ball cage. It lifts the ball up to the ball shooter.

Ball Runway - A channel along the right side where the ball is launched by the shooter into the playing field.

Basket Bingo - A bingo game that offers baskets as prizes instead of money or other prizes.

Bingo Board - A lighted board that displays which numbers are already in play.

Bingo Books - A booklet of individual bingo cards. They are numbered and may be different colours. The cards are played in the order they are bound.

Bingo Card - This is a card labelled B-I-N-G-O. Each letter corresponds to a vertical column. The card is then divided by five horizontal columns making five small boxes under each letter. Each box will contain a random number. Under the letter B will be numbers ranging from 1 to 15. Letter I will be 16 to 30, N will be 31 to 45, G contains 46 to 60 and G has 61 to 75.

Bingo Marker - This is anything used to cover called numbers. Many people will use an ink dauber.

Blackout - This is a game where you entire card must be covered or blacked out. It is also called a coverall.

Blower - A mechanical device that uses forced air to mix the balls then force them individually out to be called.

Break-open - Commonly called pull tab games, this is a bingo card made of several layers of paper. Each tab can be pulled open to reveal numbers and or letters. Some tabs may open to reveal instant prizes.

Buy-In - This is simply purchasing your admission packet so that you may play the game.

Caller - The person responsible for announcing the Bingo numbers

Cash-in-prize - In this type of game the reward for winning is cold hard cash. The cash is from the money collected from the admission packet or card sales.

Chat Room - Like a regular chat room on the internet this is a place where online bingo players can chat by typing messages to each other.

Consolation Prize - In some games if there is no winner after a certain amount of numbers are called a consolation prize will be offered.

Coverall - Same as black out above. All 24 squares on the players card must be covered.

Dauber - A bottle with a felt tip on the end filled with ink commonly used as a marker for the bingo card.

Early Bird Game - A bingo game for the early arrivals. It is played before the first scheduled game in a session.

Face - A single bingo card

Flimsy or Flimsies - These are cards printed on thin paper instead of card board.

Four Corners - This is a particular pattern game. In order to win the player must cover all four corners of the card to win the bingo game.

Free Space - In the centre of every bingo card there is a blank space. It is directly in the centre under the N column. This is a free area that all players are allowed to use.

Game Board - A lighted electronic board that shows the players what the pattern they are playing.

Hard Card - This is a permanent type bingo card. Instead of using markers these cards are made with slides that you can pull over to cover the called numbers. The cards may be made of plastic or stiff cardboard.

Hardway Bingo - This is achieving a bingo without the use of the free space.

House - The physical location of the bingo such as a casino.

Instant Bingo - A pull tab bingo game, you break open the tabs are reveal bingo symbols or instant wins.

Jackpot - The main prize. When playing bingo the jackpot is usually given to the player who has made a blackout within a certain pre-chosen amount of numbers called.

Late Night Bingo - A bingo game starting later in the day. It is often known as moonlight bingo.

Main Stage Bingo - This is the game that brings the largest amount of people, this is because this game typically has the largest prize.

Multiple Winners - This occurs when more than one person reaches bingo at the same time. The prize is then split between the individual players.

Mushroom - An area that is built to allow up to 8 people to sit around and play bingo.

On - This is a term used to describe any player who only needs one more number to be called to get to bingo. When you are in this situation you are said to be on.

On The Way - Multiple games played on the same card as will be used to play a black out game. More commonly referred to as a preliminary game.

Pattern - The design you must create when covering numbers on your card to win the game. The most common are straight line, four corners or a blackout.

Parti - An abbreviation of participation. In parti bingo you win half of the total admittance. This way the more people who play the more the potential pot will be.

Payout - The winnings in bingo. It is generally a percentage of the buy ins, about 75%.

Postage Stamp - A pattern achieved when four numbers are marked off creating a postage stamp size. And can be in any of the four corners.

Progressive Jackpot - Similar to a lottery format this is where the cash prize grows until it is won. If no one wins after a specific number of calls then there is no winner. It will then continue to grow until a player wins it.

Quickie - This is a bingo game that is called very rapidly. The first player to achieve blackout wins.

Rainbow Pack - A pack of cards that permits you to play for several different prizes at once.

Random Number Generator (RNG) - A machine that generates random numbers in a bingo game.

Series - This is the specific numbers on a set of bingo cards referring to the amount of cards in the set.

Session - The complete amount of time for a night of bingo. This time covers all the games played that night, regular games, special games and the main stage.

Six-Pack - When you mark off six numbers in a block this is called a six pack.

Special - Extra games that are not a part of the original admission purchased.

Speed Bingo - Bing game played in rapid succession. A bingo may be achieved in as few as three moves.

Speedgame - This is a separate special game, similar to speed bingo. The game is won by being the first to cover your card completely.

Split Pot - A bingo game where the winner and the house split the profits of the game.

T.E.D. - This is an electronic device you can buy or rent that allows the playing of multiple packs the same time.

Texas Blackout - A bingo game where the winning numbers are determined in part by the first number called. If it is an even number the players are allowed to cover all the even numbers on their board. If the number is odd then you cover all the odd. The game then progresses until a blackout is achieved.

Throwaways - This is another name for flimsies. The cards are printed on such thin paper that is best to throw them away after the game.

Wild Number - In this fun variation a wild number is drawn. The first number decides what the wild number will be. For instance when the first number is 12 then you may cover all numbers ending in 2, after the game progresses normally.

Wrap up - Call it last call at the bingo parlour. This is the term that describes the final game of a bingo sitting.

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