An Introduction to the Rules of Bingo

Are you a Bingo virgin? Before downloading your free Foxy Mobile Bingo game, why not get to know the basics rules of a typical game of Bingo?

Bingo Basics

Bingo is a game that is usually played in halls. Depending on the location of the game, the rules and payouts may change. Generally, information such as the rules and payouts are provided at the hall. Bingo players are given or purchase cards that consists of unique number combinations. The host or the caller will then pick the numbered balls from the container and will call out the number on the ball to the bingo players. The ball is then removed and separated from the group so that that number is not called again. The player must locate the announced number on his or her card and then he or she must mark that number on his or her card. The idea is to locate and mark all the numbers on your card in the quickest time possible.

The Bingo caller will continue to select and announce numbers until a player calls out the word "Bingo!". Generally what happens is that players purchase bingo cards with numbers on them in a 5 x 5 grid representing the word BINGO. Numbers such as B-1 or G-55 are called until a player collects five numbers that lineup in either all horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on their 5 x 5 card. Once you have achieved one of these three patterns it is time to shout out the word "bingo" and collect your prize. The typical bingo card has a blank spot in the middle which is known as the "freebie" or "free spot." On the free spot you may place the chip to help you complete one of your three patterns.

And that's all there is to one of the most popular games in the world. The fun in bingo really is in its simplicity!

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