75 Ball Vs 90 Ball Mobile Bingo

With more and more Bingo games for you mobile popping up, we (try to) explain the difference between 75 Ball and 90 Ball mobile bingo games.

What's The Difference?

Most bingo players know that that there are two different types of bingo, but few know what the key differences are. 75 ball bingo is the preferred bingo type in the United States, while the rest of the world, including Europe, Australia, and Great Britain, play 90 ball. The differences extend far beyond geographical region and the number of balls.

The two forms of Mobile Bingo actually have much in common. In both versions, players buy pre-marked cards and mark the numbers that are called. The means of winning are the same as well; the winner is the first person to mark the pre-approved pattern on their card.

The differences, however, lie in the set up of the cards, which also affects the variety of patterns that can lead to a win. Cards for 75 ball bingo have a five row by five column configuration with 25 randomly chosen numbers. The symmetry of the rows and columns allows for almost endless variations in patterns, from the standard five in a row bingo to four corners, checkerboard patters, and more.

90 ball bingo cards, on the other hand, are rectangles with three rows and nine columns. These cards, called 'tickets' do not have letters assigned to the columns. There are only three variations of this game: you can fill one row, or two, or three. The diagonals and complex patterns often seen in 75 ball bingo are simply not possible in this game.

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