What does 3G offer us?

With the recent introduction of the 3G network in the UK, downloading a game of Mobile Bingo to your phone takes just seconds. But what else does 3G offer us?

What does 3G offer us?

3G as the name suggests is simply the 3rd generation in mobile technology and development. It followed 1G and 2G stages which have been developing and improving since the 70s. 1G started in the 70s and consisted of the first mobile phones which were little more sophisticated than amateur radio. 2G technology began in the 90s and has improved over time, eventually even bringing multimedia into the mobile world.

But now here we are, looking at the wonderful 3G stage of development and technology. What exactly does 3G have to offer us? What can we look forward to with this stage of development? Well for one thing you can expect better and faster connections to the internet and enhanced multimedia. 3G promises to bring us into an age where the mobile phone can be used just as effectively as our PC at home. This combination of mobile communication and internet access will make for one very powerful tool.

Here are some features and possibilities you can look to see in 3G stages of development:

1. Enhanced multimedia such as voice, data, video and remote access.
2. Efficient with popular modes such as mobile phones, e-mail, paging, fax, videoconferencing and web browsers.
3. High speed connections as fast as 2Mbps.
4. Roaming capability on international levels.

Currently we are experiencing a mixture of 2nd and 3rd generation technology. The industry still faces many challenges and obstacles such as how to bill for services and learning what a customer is willing to pay for, how to roam between different wireless services and many other things. But one thing for sure is that eventually 2G will fade and we'll find ourselves immersed in a 3rd Generation of technology eagerly awaiting 4G concepts. The mobile world gets more fascinating every day. What will tomorrow bring us?

Go get your mobile phone and start your free game of Mobile Bingo.

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